Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. All students must be in full uniform whenever on campus. This includes Report Card Pick up days, school conferences or lectures, open house days, and any other event held on campus. Failure to be in complete uniform will result in no entry on campus and / or demerits.

Only school issued polo shirts are accepted on campus. Each campus has different approved polo colors which you could view at

Our polo shirts do not have pockets. Pockets on polos are not allowed.

Do shirts need to be tucked in?

Yes. Uniform shirts must be tucked into pants / or skirt at all times. Belts must be worn at all times as well except when wearing a school approved skirt.

Is a dress acceptable?

Dresses are not allowed as uniforms. Appropriate & accepted outfits are the school polo shirt with approved dress pants or an approved skirt. All skirts must be at knee length, black, high waisted, with no decoration and of a sturdy fabric. Polos shirts must be tucked into skirt at all times. Belts are not required when wearing a skirt.

No. All pants & skirts must be solid black and have no décor on them. Pants must have belt loops as well as belts must be worn at all times with pants.

Demin or spandex “legging” fabric is not allowed on pants or skirts. Niether or Dickie brand pants , yoga pants, capris, shorts or cargo pants.

Jeans are not allowed as part of Ednovate’s school uniforms. All pants & skirts must be a dressy, professional all black fabric.

Yes. Belts are required at all times when on campus. Students will not be allowed on campus without a belt worn. Belts are not mandatory on skirts but are on pants.

Schools do allow uniformed yoga pants for Physical education and sports only. They are not allowed in the classroom. Students may not bring yoga pants in from home. Yoga pants must be purchased through school uniform.

Hoodies are not allowed on campus. Students may wear their uniform sweatshirt only.

Tennis shoes, sneakers, sandals, “TOMS” style shoes or open toe shoes are not acceptable for class. Shoes must be all black, without logos or decoration and be a professional style. Loafers, flats, lace up shoes are ok.